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We hear all about wine tasting classes, but what about water? Would you sign up for water tasting experience?

Us humans are made up of about 65% of water. We could go on without food for about 3 weeks but our water "storage" would only last 3 days, maximum. We drink it everyday to stay hydrated and healthy, but we don't really talk about it as much as wine, liquor or beer tasting.


At this stage I would not believe all advertising about wonders of pure water - do not jeopardise your life. Why? Let's talk minerals.


Today, I would like to show you different verities of water, based on their mineral content.

As a skin care therapist, I hear my clients say: "I drink plenty of water but my skin still feels


Well, there are different types of water out there in the market. It turns out that one water my not be as good for you as the other. The one I would not be consuming is purified, filtered, distilled water that is stripped off all good minerals. Our system needs minerals like calcium, potassium or magnesium to keep our bodies healthy. On the contrary, water needs minerals too. When drinking purified water it will draw minerals from our organs, therefore leaving it de-hydrated.

Let's talk minerals. I would like you to get familiar with the term TDS - stands for Total Dissolved Solids. The higher TDS the more power water content. Here we have couple of examples of most powerful water on the planet.

Australian AQUI - LIVE with STD 1300
it is thick in consistency, pH factor 8.3
high in calcium and magnesium

United Kingdom HILDON with TDS 312
gently sparkly like a glass of champagne
pH 7.2 & high in calcium

Spain VICHY CATALAN with TDS 3050
very elegant with healing impact
pH 8 & high in potassium

Slovenia ROI with TDS 7400
the most superior water you would ever come across
pH 6.8 high in sodium and magnesium

Next time when you are buying water, slow for a moment and look at the labels. Spring water is the way to go. Opposite, purified, pure water - STAY CLEAR OF IT

I hope after discovering types of water it will make an important impact on your water choices.

Stay healthy - Stay hydrated.