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The Balance Test report provides you with accurate insights into your diet and how it’s reflected in your body. See your fatty acid profile overview compared to optimal target values, and gain a understanding of what fatty acids are and what their importance is in human health.

Changing your diet and remaining in balance is now easier than ever. The report provides you with advice and recommendations based your test results. If you act on our words of advice and consume your Balance daily, you can expect your fatty acid profile to improve in 120 days.


Exercise or eating right is no longer enough to tip the scale

Taking the time to stay fit is an everyday challenge and the food we eat today is high in sugar, low in fibers and lacking key nutrients. Fish is coming up short as a natural source of Omega-3’s as it is primarily farmed and fed with Omega-6-based concentrates. Our cell functions are compromised, making it difficult to absorb nutrients and flush out waste products. We believe that the road to health and wellness is a personal journey and that real change begins deep inside. In our cells, gut and immune system. Our test-based, scientifically proven health products are designed to help you balance, restore and support your body from within.

We tell you how it is and what to do about it.

A personalized nutrition plan based on the detailed reading of your fatty acid profile in the BalanceTest. Tested by Vitas Lab. It offers customized recommendations specifically targeted to gently restore your body’s fatty acid balance, promote digestive health and protect its first line of defence.





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