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Hair Removal

Cirepil by Perron Rigot High-Quality Professional waxing since 1936.

Our conviction: We make waxing a true beauty treatment.

Recognized as number one, Cirepil Waxes are diverse, easy to work with, outperform

and incredibly economical.

Our gentle pre and post products, and our accessories complete the range.

Waxing with Cirepil means satisfied and loyal clients!

Avoid for 24 hours

• Sauna, steam & jacuzzi
• Hot baths & showers
• Swimming
• Exercise, sweat & overheating
• Massages & heat treatments
• Applying lotions, moisturisers, deodorant & anything perfumed to waxed areas
• After facial waxing don’t apply make up other than mineral for the remainder of the day

Avoid for 48 hours

• Sun beds & sunbathing
• Tight clothing that will irritate the area waxed

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