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Cellulite – why my effort gives no solution?

Magic diets, restrictions, overrated fancy food, potions and motions, funky creams,

anti-cellulite rub and fab.

How many of these have you tried before? But the more you fight the cellulite

the more disappointed you become?

If you are the lucky owner of so called “orange peel” and it bothers you, I know how it feels. I have been there.

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be able to tackle cellulite, a common skin condition, but only if it bothers you at all. It has nothing to do with our shapes or the weight or how skinny or wealthy we are. We all are capable of gaining cellulite.

To find out the main cause we will dive now into our system. I am sure you all know the main functions of circulatory and lymphatic system. The “yin and yang” the “alpha and omega” of our health. When impaired, the cascade of conditions starts creeping upon us and cellulite is one of them.

The lymphatic is a system of fluid balance and immune defence, it lives in synergy with circulatory system that distributes blood and fluid to all cells.

Firstly, the heart will be pumping highly oxygenated blood which then goes through the veins, smaller veins and tiny capillaries, just like tree branches. It's here in capillaries where blood plasma and nutrients are being delivered to surrounding tissues.

About 90% to 98% of rich fluid will bath all cells to then return back into capillaries and be pumped through heart again.

What happens with the rest 2 to 10% of fluid? It returns through lymphatic capillary system. In case of impaired capillary system this waste builds up in vessels gathering:

-waste products



-inorganic substances

-water and fats

All these have connection with swelling and oedema.

The lymph flows slowly through lymphatic system all the way to lymph nodes where it will be filtered and cleaned to then go back and circulate again. It is a small world, but lymph has a big impact on our bodies, it is a healer of wounds and a regenerator.

Lymphatic system is also responsible for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients

specially vitamin A.

Lymph flows slowly, there is no pump so it completely depends on our body movement like, walking for example to spread all nutrients evenly. If our bodies become stagnant for long periods of time that is what happens with lymph too, it stops flowing. Imagine a river that suddenly stops moving and becomes stagnant, it will begin to gather waste and eventually smell. It is exactly the same with our bodies we need to keep moving and keep our circulatory systems in good condition. Therefore, to prevent poisoning your own cells we got to keep active.

Secondly, lymphatic system relies on regular fluid intake. Have you ever wondered why you have been always advised on drinking plenty of water? This is one of main reasons. Hydration equals healthy lymph.

Going back to our subject, cellulite is accumulation of waste and toxins inside fat cells. Before we jump into any treatment it is worth looking into our system first and making sure we have it all in order. What can primarily cause cellulite?

· Fat Free diet can result in Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency and lack of nutrients

· Poor nutrition

· Poor fluid intake

· High tea/coffee or alcohol intake

· Diuretic medication for fluid retention or Premenstrual Tension (PMT)

· High Glycemic index foods (junk food)

How can I check if my lymphatic system is impaired? There is a simple toxaemia test.

Press the skin just above ankle bone and hold for few seconds. Release and count, if you manage to count to three and see a lighter colour mark on skin it’s an indication of highly impaired lymphatic system.

You can also ask yourself these questions to check condition of your lymphatic system:

  • Do you suffer from hot twitchy feet and legs at night after you have gone to bed?

  • Do the legs feel heavy and tired.

  • Do the legs feel bruised or very painful if bumped?

  • Do you feel tingling in the skin of the ankles and legs (a little like pins and needles)

  • Do you suffer from constipation?

  • Does you weight fluctuate?

  • Do you feel puffy and bloated? (Swell up during the day with fluid retention)

  • Do you have puffy eyes?

  • What is your fluid intake and do you pass water frequently? (Or not).

  • Do you take diuretics? (Medication for fluid retention)

  • Do you have varicose veins or varicose bruising?

  • Do you have cellulite?

Homecare is an absolute must, if there is no commitment from your side magic won’t just happen. There has to be motivation, goals and commitment to improve skin and health conditions.

What can be done:

  • Walking 20 minutes a day minimum.

  • Swimming or Aqua aerobics

  • Walking through ankle deep water

  • Raise the end of the bed by 4 inches. (Sleeping with legs elevated)

  • Elevate legs and rest for 20 minutes at the end of each workday or after long periods of sitting or standing.

  • Use heavy leg gels to reduce local swelling

  • Use support stockings when flying but preferably on a daily basis.

  • Reduce salt and sugar intake (ready made sauces i.e. ketchup)

  • Increase water intake

  • Dry skin brushing

  • Eat plenty of greens to cleanse system

We can now see that by boosting lymphatic system we can deal with most skin conditions. The answer is simple. Walk minimum 20 minutes per day, eat healthy by swapping saturated fats for Essential Fatty Acids (avocados, walnuts, grape seed oil, salmon), minimize salt and sugar intake - it’s a good start.

Remember sugar hides in sweets, biscuits, bakes, ready made sauces like soy or ketchup. Drink minimum two litres of water a day making sure you have a good level of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. And finally, get a good night sleep, preferably with your matrace raised up to 4 inches up under your feet.

Only after these changes in place we can kick start cellulite regimen, your dry brushing & skin smoothing lotions.

Cellulite is an internal condition that is visible on the skin. Therefore, it should be looked at from within.