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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

As we are in the middle of the third lockdown in the UK and nearly a year from the beginning of the pandemic, what changes have you implemented into your lifestyle?

It could have been mindfulness that kept you sane or healthy diet changes that you may be going through. Or maybe your life goes on as normal. Either way, how about coming out of this lockdown looking years younger from the cosy place which is your home.

Let’s go through six simple steps that will take your skin and overall wellbeing to the next level. Are you ready for that ultimate glow?

Step number one. CLEANSE

If you are not sure what is the best suitable face cleanser for your skin type I would suggest choosing delicate but non foaming gel cleanser. It will remove make up with first cleanse and keep your pores clean with the follow up second cleanse.

As you may noticed I mentioned “non-foaming” as foaming cleansers are usually to drying for the skin with their alkaline pH and over stripping protective barrier called Acid Mantle. Think of Acid Mantle like liquid gold that is extremely a "must" when it comes to healthy dewy looking skin.

For our ultimate favourite cleanser click here:

Step number two. STOP SKIN ABUSE

Now we know acid mantle is our protection. It is skin’s first layer of defence, protecting from harmful bacteria, oxidative stress, pollutants, free radicals, keeps our skin’s pH in balance. What happens when stripped over time? Well, it has a domino effect on skin functions.

For example, imagine a fish tank, full of water and micro life. The floating water on top will be our corneocytes cells the top layer of epidermis, middle is our correct acidic skin pH and bottom of the tank the sand will resemble fat tissue (subcutaneous fat).

What happens if you change the pH of water in your fish tank? What if you pour it straight from the tab? Well, unfortunately the micro life and the fish will die. Exactly same thing will happen to your skin over prolong time of stripping your protective barrier with harsh ingredients.

Build-up strength by using gentle cleanser, and serums with ceramides, good fatty acids or TRIGLYCERIDES. You also want to support water levels in your epidermis. Go for different molecular weight of Hyaluronic serum, it is vital ingredient when talking skin hydration. After hyaluronic serum always apply moisturiser to prevent TEWL (trans epidermal water loss)


Eyebrows are the windows to our soul. Well, not precisely but eyebrow shape can define our look. If not sure where to start, ask your professional. They will be able to show you different techniques of finding those special points according to your face geometry and you will be able to master your shape at home. For more details email Silesiana at and they will be happy to arrange zoom meeting to discuss your eyebrow drawing course.


Our ancestors knew it best. Massage is one of the procedures known for its special powers since the caveman. It has been known known for regulating circulatory and lymphatic system while transporting vitamins to the skin as well as helping waste removal making skin look visibly plumper, lifted and what’s more important healthier. Once you master the right technique and learn pressure points you will enjoy the goodness of cost-effective beauty procedure that will give your skin many benefits. Here is a link to Gua Sha LIVE step by step method…

Step five. DIET

I have to stop you here. Scrap the word diet for good. There is no such thing as diet for long lasting weight loss or healthy body. It all starts in our mind. We cannot control what we eat if we let food control us. That snicker bar in your kitchen cabinet it’s not forcing upon you or fast-food meal didn’t just attack you when driving through. It is all power of our mind what goes into our gut. Have a daily or weekly plan first. To begin mindful eating write down your meals, take it apart if you have to, the clue will be there. If supplements are your thing, make sure they are sourced responsibly.

There is a new rising star of beauty healthy supplements called Rejuvenated LTD

it is worth looking into (click link below). Any dietary or skin conditions changes should start within.


After we talked about our protective barrier and precious like liquid gold acid mantle it is important to protect skin barrier once it has been rebuilt. How can this be done?

As we know every year from our mid-twenties our collagen level

depletes by about 1% also as we mature our skin becomes drier

with the level of hydration and lipids drop.

Therefore, when planning meals think about implementing good fatty acids that will form natural protective layer of water and oils both combined.

On the other hand, if you are outdoor person and spend prolonged time outside in the day light make sure you protect your skin from harmful UV radiation with the broad-spectrum (UVA, UVB) SPF protection cream. Highly recommended SPF30 throughout winter and SPF50 during summer holidays specially at the seaside, where UV bounces of water and sand affecting skin with triple power. When choosing SPF pay attention to ingredients. There are physical creams that will push away the UV rays away from skin and there are chemical creams that will absorb UVR and turn it into heat while protecting skin. The physical SPF will usually contain zinc dioxide.


Stay hydrated. Drink around two litres of water per day it will keep your skin plumper from within, your natural reserve of hyaluronic acid will thank you for doing so. It has the power to bind 1000 times its weight of water.

When selecting drinking water go for higher TDS (total dissolve solids) from time to time. The higher TDS the more minerals in water, knowing that our body needs magnesium, potassium, calcium and all other electrolytes to function well.

As most of us missing treatments at the salon during pandemic, this is a good moment to discover tricks and tips to keep not just your skin healthy but also take care of your beautiful bodies in a mindful way. Take a deep breath and listen to your skin needs, your body is your temple treat it with grace.

Aggie Singh

at Silesiana