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From the Diary of a skincare therapist

At Silesiana Clinic we have proven and tested solutions to most skin concerns like acne, rosacea, scars, blackhead congestion, photoaging, skin sagging, pigmentation, melasma, skin tags, thread vein, and more.

We strongly believe our clients deserve the safest treatments therefore, we like to treat you with a consultation first. This means in-depth photos and lifestyle analysis. We can only help once we know what is happening within the gut as well as the surface of the skin. Today, I would like to take you on a little journey and experience what goes on behind the scenes at our clinic. Have a sneak peek of some of the client's everyday concerns


Monica came to see me for a consultation after struggling for months with bumpy-looking skin.

It was red, inflamed and irritated. She was hiding it under makeup which made things even worse.

A few minutes into the consultation, I knew what was happening with Monica's skin.

As for the cleanser she was using a bar of soap followed by anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using soap in general but, forbid the face.

First of all, the production of soap bars requires using a product called tallow. It's animal fat. When lathering, it takes the pH of the skin from neutral to alkaline level. It is too drying for a healthy skin environment. Our skin is slightly acidic, with a pH of 5.5

After switching Monica's skincare, her skin improved. It was smoother within weeks and rebuilt within a couple of months.


Barbara came for basic hands-on facial. During the consultation and face mapping, I noticed a lot of tiny white bumps in the corner of Barbara's eyes located on the surface of the tear-through. These were noticeable when the skin stretched under the eyes.

When we went through her daily routine and home skincare, there was the lightbulb moment! The daily moisturiser was based on heavy oils. Barbara applied it too close to her eyes, blocking her pores. That was the main trigger of the buildup of fat trapped under the skin with a mix of sebum, and keratin that can be very challenging to remove.

Another reason for the white, rough texture under the eyes could be a high level of bad cholesterol. It is worth checking cholesterol balance through blood testing. Also, it can be beneficial to explore healthy eating habits, while reducing saturated fat intake.


Anita is a hard-working nurse. She is limited on time to take enough rest or treat herself and her ashy-looking skin. The condition of her skin was run down. Visible signs of glycation around her eyes, loss of elasticity and overall skin structure. Additionally, she is a heavy smoker. Saying that, without the accurate skincare routine at home, there is no point in going through treatments while trying to improve skin texture. Smoking disturbs natural skin barrier protection causing skin oxidation. In addition, regular fizzy drinks and alcohol will have a tremendous effect on collagen loss.

After introducing the top-quality antioxidants and daily intake of slow-release Vitamin C in combination with the treatment protocol, we achieved wonders. Skin barrier (the acid mantle) and nutrients are the key elements to success and healthy-looking skin.


My client has suffered from periocular eczema for over a year. The skin rash started after application of highly pigmented eyeshadow by a well-known brand. She tried all the potions, lotions, steroids, barrier creams, antibiotics, list was endless.

She had decided to change her lifestyle and diet and went vegetarian, completely giving up on meat. She managed to keep her stress levels low despite her final exams and we know how stressful time of assessments can be. Nothing was helping her skin. Until I came across a natural antibacterial and antiviral spray called Hypo21. I asked my client to spray the eye area twice per day, for about a month. A miracle happened! Three weeks later, I received a text with before and after pictures, her eczema was gone. Her skin wasn't itchy, no pain and the swelling with redness completely disappeared. An absolute miracle in the bottle.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story about our client's journey into healthy-looking skin.

I am Aggie, the skincare specialist that makes people feel better about themselves. If you have any concerns or like to book a mini-discovery consultation regarding skin conditions or gut health get in touch here.

Aggie Singh - advanced aesthetician

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