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How working at the corporation could affect your skin?

We all know how juggling multiple tasks a day as well as being professional could be exhausting. Specially when most of the day has been spent in front of the screen or at the desk. Tiredness can have massive affect on our fragile skin around eyes leaving it darker than the rest of the face. But what actually happens to our skin when we starve our system from natural daylight? Will it have consequences? Well, it is a more complex matter, starting from lifestyle choices throughout stress management, hydration and skincare.

Although time management is a key point when it comes to office work, but let’s be honest, it’s so much quicker to grab a take away or order less nutritious packed food most days. There goes our amino acids from fresh green vegetable providing us nutrients our amino acids the building block of collagen protein.

But the main concern is being inside the building for many hours each day, where missing on daylight. Yes, you heard that right,

sun is also needed to promote healthy lifestyle, but all in moderation.

Just like plants need sun for that perfect photosynthesis and growth factor, we also need some light therapy to function well.

So let’s see what happens after one year of continuous corporation / office working. Long deserved annual leave. Two weeks in a sunny Maldives, sipping cocktails underneath the hot sun. Et voila, welcome skin burns that may lead to melanoma. Why is that?

Over prolonged time indoors, skin as well as our system will weaken. Derived of good supply of oxygen, poor diet choices, possible lymphatic impairment and dehydration these are few to be named leading to adverse skin reaction when in contact with harsh tropical sun rays.


What can be done to prepare for summer holiday and enjoy the time away instead of re-applying that sour cream on burnt skin in a hotel room?

Well, take advantage of your skincare specialist that will guide you on skin strengthening according to the season. Also, keeping an eye on our diet and maybe switching few times a week from that quick pizza or burger to healthier options packed with amino acids and vitamins.

To summarise, prevent evaporation water loss from your skin with good occlusion skincare. Stay hydrated at all times with good amount of electrolytes in your quality water. In the end of the day

we are made of almost 80% water

and let’s keep it this way. Eventually, your body will thank you…

and yes, SPF is a must!