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Skin is the largest organ and most significant one. Have you ever thought about how it would be like without your skin? Not possible to function.


Most of the time people think about the smaller organs like the liver, heart, kidneys as the most important but how would you function without the skin?

As a skincare coach, I usually deal with the aftermaths of bad skincare choices or diet habits that influence the way skin looks. It quite often makes me think why do we not prevent skin conditions like dehydration, rosacea or even acne?

It is definitely much easier to prevent than cure and heal.

Now for a moment, I would like to take you back to school, ‘ahem’ yes I know it may not be very appealing for some.

As you know our each and every cell consists of water, amino acids, good fatty acids as well as electrolytes this includes

sodium, and

What we see on our skin is a reflection of our intestine track. So, how to make sure we keep our levels up and avoid looking like a prune? Well, there is a piece of exciting news coming to Silesiana Cleethorpes that will help answer this question. For now, I can strongly suggest switching filtered water to a mineralized with electrolytes or at least adding a tiny pinch of good quality sea salt to your water every now and then.

The main source of all minerals and good fats is diet! Cannot stress this enough. A good amount of fibre, probiotics, fresh green veg, hard-boiled eggs as well as nuts will be a good start to see our digestive system function better.

When choosing foods look into good quality products and ‘good’ nowadays it's not exactly the same as long, long time ago when fresh from the farm was a norm.

I always think of my nana’s skin, full of a healthy glow, always cooking from scratch and ingredient-based. That time is long gone.

For example to have the same amount of nutrients from one tomato back in the 1900’s we would have to consume about 20 tomatoes nowadays. It's scary though especially when we grow in population at a fast pace. Feeding 7 bln people in comparison to 2 bln 100 years ago, it's a rather challenging matter.

I hope this made you aware in at least a slight way about maintaining a healthy gut as a pathway to glowing looking skin. At the end of the day, we are what we absorb.

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Aggie Singh

skincare coach

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