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Feeling bloated? Suffer from stomach cramps? Brain fog?

Can you relate to this?

When was the last time you drank that latte, with the gigantic amount of cows milk (Holstein type)? This is followed by a belly ache and rush to the toilet. Yes, we talk about toilets at our beauty salon as well. It's all part of your gut, health and at the end of the day, your skin.

Eat for beauty is our motto at Silesiana Cleethorpes. What we have been ‘fed’ through media and marketing over the last five decades, needs to be debunked. The wholesome wholemeal industry it's not all good after all. It may be shocking, some may even say it's stupid.

Well, have a look at LECTINS. These are the proteins mainly from gluten, some vegetables (like nightshades), and yes wholemeal goods have the biggest quantities of lectins.

What do they do? They put a ‘cap’ on your digestion system. Making you feel sleepy, bloated, brain fogged. Your digestion then slows down, followed by a cascade of conditions like skin rosacea or rheumatoidal arthritis.

Something to think about next time we go for an appealing looking wholemeal bun.

Also, this week we talked mostly about ‘we are what we absorb’. The importance of introducing more fresh vegetables for that conversation of amino acids into collagen, naturally. Of course, with the right amount of time-released vitamin C (2000mg per day).

Taken daily, for significant changes in skin tightening. Isn't the mighty collagen, what we think about when looking in the mirror?

Last but not least your perfect Omega 3 and 6 ratio 1 on 1. Good fatty acids are essential for our healthy brain and slippery of the veins. Highly recommended correct dose of Omega3 daily locked in polyphenols for extra strength. I always mention my granny times. Surrounded by fresh food, loads of vegetables in her diet that was eating in season. No fruits during winter, and more of root veg.

Do we have this privilege nowadays? That one tomato 50 years ago would equal 15 supermarket tomatoes now. Who can process this? I applaud you if you can eat 20 avocadoes a day for the correct amount of healthy fatty acids in your diet. Let's be honest this doesn't happen.

If you would like to know more about food and skincare relations and advice on Omega3 fatty acids. Contact us at Silesiana Cleethorpes or pop into our salon 16 Osborne St., Cleethorpes

Your skincare coach Aggie

picture courtesy Dr Lam coaching

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